Our Logo

Our logo was created by artist/designer Ramon Matheu in early 2013

The Clean Chesapeake Coalition logo aspires to encompass the Coalition’s priorities: clean water, SAV and oyster restoration, promotion of agriculture, and estuary conservation.

The logo centers around oysters and SAV for their ecological roles in the Bay’s health. Both SAV and the oyster – Mother Nature’s most efficient water filters – serve as true barometers of the Bay, and both are under great stress because of sedimentation and other factors. Trees and farming round out the logo as significant aspects of the Bay’s ecosystem and a reminder that activities on the land can impact the water. The vibrant colors engender our collective hopes for a vibrant Chesapeake Bay.

About the artist: Ramon Matheu is an Eastern Shore native, having grown-up in Salisbury, and now resides on Kent Island in Queen Anne’s County with his family. The Chesapeake Bay and surrounding areas provide Ramon with an abundance of beauty, nature and wildlife which inspire many of his artistic creations. He also pulls creative influence from his love of Maryland, its people, landmarks and cultural traditions. If you would like to see more of Ramon’s work, please visit  his website or follow him on Facebook and Twitter. The images below are examples of Ramon’s handiwork related to Chesapeake Bay restoration issues, such as helping to save the oyster.

Ramon Matheu’s “Operation Save the Chesapeake Bay” and “Alien Oyster Farming”