The Mission of the Clean Chesapeake Coalition  

The mission of the Clean Chesapeake Coalition is to advocate, raise awareness and take action in order to improve the poor water quality of the Chesapeake Bay in the most effective and fiscally responsible manner possible. Our coalition seeks to re-establish Maryland’s waters and its oyster, crab, fishing, and seafood packaging industries that were once so vital to our local economies. We want the Bay to be restored to its once great role as a beacon of recreation for residents and our tourism industries. 

For decades, many Maryland counties have endured significant negative environmental and financial setbacks as a result of the poor water quality of the Bay, in spite of the countless millions of dollars spent by our local governments on programs and implementation projects spearheaded by federal and State officials with their ineffective initiatives. Sadly to date, there has been little to no meaningful improvement in the health of the Bay and its tributaries.   

The Clean Chesapeake Coalition seeks to challenge the wasteful spending on the many government mandates that rely on ineffective programs and/or facilities. The Coalition believes that there exists a dearth of factual, technological, and scientific foundation, which clearly demonstrates that many present expenditures are being made irresponsibly from our public funds.  The Coalition believes that this careless and ineffective approach only results in taxpayer dissent and seriously impacts our mission and efforts to restore the Bay and its tributaries to its former beauty in the most effective and fiscally responsible manner possible.

The Picture on the left was taken June 2006 after record rainfall. Sediment-laden plumes of water around the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Jane Thomas, Integration and Application Network, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (