June 2019 Updates

28 June 2019
Near-Record Dead Zone Forecast for Chesapeake Bay, Gulf of Mexico
The Virginian-Pilot

Maryland Estimate for Seawalls Against Rising Tides: $27 Billion
Baltimore Sun

26 June 2019
Opinion: Wall Street, Government Need to Put More Stock in Bay's Economic Value
Bay Journal

Groups Criticize State Budget Shifting $10M from Environmntal Fund
WESA 90.5

25 June 2019
Maryland Awards $30.9 Million to Improve Water Quality and Increase Resilience

Sampling Initiative in Baltimore's Inner Harbor Aims to Answer the Question, "How's the Water, Hon?"
Baltimore Sun

U.S. House Approves Increased Funding for Chesapeake Bay Cleanup, but Senate Support Uncertain
Baltimore Sun

24 June 2019
Award Winning Stream Restoration Program Benefits the Community
Prince William Living

20 June 2019
Seawalls to Fight Rising Waters in Hampton Roads Would Cost More than $4.6 Billion, Says Nationwide Study
Daily Press

Ag Tours Highlight Bay Cleanup Successes, Challenges
The News Virginian

21 June 2019
Proposal to Revive Shuttered Baltimore County Power Plant Stirs Questions about Climate Change
Baltimore Sun

19 June 2019
NRCS Will Work with Mid-Atlantic 4R to Advance and Accelerate Adoption of Conservation Practices on Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland Farmland
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

With More Storms and Rising Seas, Which U.S. Cities Should Be Saved First?
The New York Times

Emmy sm

18 June 2019
The Conowingo Factor Nominated for Emmy - We Won!
Clean Chesapeake Coalition

AI for Earth Helps Get More Granular with Climate Data

14 June 2019
Sign-Up Period for Cover Crop Program Announced in Maryland
Lancaster Farming

The Coastal Squeeze: Changing Tactics for Dealing with Climate Change
NOAA Fisheries

13 June 2019
81 Snakehead Fish Caught Swimming Upstream at Conowingo Dam, a “Dramatic Increase” in Invasive Species
Carroll County Times

12 June 2019
One fact that especially caught our eye here is the USGS report that already, in the Spring of 2019, 102.6 million pounds of nitrogen have loaded into the Chesapeake Bay from the Susquehanna River. For context, the TMDL goal for the entire state is 45.8 million pounds annually. This means that we've already surpassed our target by more than double. And this calculation does not include the rain that has been falling steadily in the first weeks of June...
Experts Predict the Largest Dead Zone in Decades
Chesapeake Bay Program

11 June 2019
Worse that BP Oil Spill: Freshwater Damage from Flooding, Spillway Release hits Miss. Hard
Coastal News Today

10 June 2019
As Municipalities Struggle with Stormwater Costs, Pa. Lawmakers Look for Funding Help

8 June 2019
Study Highlights Vulnerability of Rural Coast to Sea-Level Rise

6 June 2019
Report: 40% of PA Rivers, Streams Violate Water Quality Standards
Bay Journal

MD DNR Secretary Joins Chesapeake Conservancy Board

3 June 2019
Why You Want Oysters and a Salt Marsh Between You and a Hurricane

Rain Washed 260 Million Gallons of Sewage into Inner Harbor in 2018, but Report Deemed Water “Swimmable” During Dry Weather
Baltimore Sun

House Approves Increased Federal Funding for Chesapeake Bay Program
Bay Journal