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Could Chesapeake Bay cleanup case be headed to U.S. Supreme Court?

December 13, 2014, Ad CrableLancasterOnline

Chesapeake Executive Council names Virginia's Governor McAuliffe as next chair

December 11, 2014, Chesapeake Bay Program, Chesapeake Bay News

Larry Hogan vows fight against Martin O'Malley anti-farm regulations

December 8, 2014, S.A. Miller, The Washington Times

Exelon to refile MDE certification at Conowingo Dam

December 8, 2014, Jane Bellmyer, Cecil Whig

Exelon to refile Conowingo Application

December 8, 2014, Josh Bollinger, The Star Democrat

UPDATED: Study: Dredging Conowingo would have less impact than thought

December 7, 2014, Karl Blankenship, Bay Journal

Hogan says 'we're going to fight' phosphorus regs

December 3, 2014, Phil Davis, DelmarvaNow

News-Post was wrong about Conowingo's impact on Chesapeake Bay

November 30, 2014, Paul Smith, The Frederick News-Post

Conowingo Dialogue: A County Commissioner Chimes in for the CCC

November 25, 2014, Dave Wheelan, The Chestertown Spy

Reassessing the cost of bay cleanup

November 23, 2014, Carole Jaar Sepe, The Frederick News-Post

Bryan Simonaire: A big dam problem [Letter]

November 22, 2014, Bryan Simonaire, Capital Gazette

Maryland Seeks to Deny Permit for Conowingo Dam

November 21, 2014, Daniel Menefee, Maryland Reporter

The bogus 'rain tax' repeal

November 21, 2014, The Baltimore Sun

Maryland seeks to deny permit for Conowingo Dam

November 21, 2014, Dan Menefee, MarylandReporter.com

MDE intends to deny Conowingo Dam permit

November 20, 2014, Josh Bollinger, The Star Democrat

Conowingo owner may lose permit over water quality

November 20, 2014, Phil Davis, DelmarvaNow

Md. intends to deny Conowingo power dam permit

November 20, 2014, WBALTV.com

State could deny key Conowingo permit

November 19, 2014, Timothy B. Wheeler, The Baltimore Sun

New report casts doubt on importance of removing Conowingo Dam sediment in effort to clean up Chesapeake Bay

November 19, 2014, Frederick News-Post Editorial

Md. can enforce dam cleanup

November 18, 2014, Bob Irvin, Baltimore Sun

Conowingo Dam Dialogue: What does dynamic equilibrium mean anyway?

November 15, 2014, The Chestertown Spy

Study says Dredging at Conowingo would Cost a lot, Help Little

November 14, 2014, Joel McCord, WYPR.com

Delmarva Poultry Industry Inc. Pens Letter to Governor O'Malley over PMT

November 14, 2014, Tyler Butler, WBOC.com

O'Malley rushes to propose new pollution rules

November 14, 2014, Michael Dresser and Timothy B. Wheeler, The Baltimore Sun

Conowingo Dam Report released, shows Dam is not the problem

November 13, 2014, Tyler Butler, WBOC.com

Study: Nutrients, not sediment, is main problem

November 13, 2014, Josh Bollinger, The Star Democrat

Conowingo Dam not a major threat to Bay, study says; others disagree

November 13, 2014, Daniel Menefee, Maryland Reporter

Report: Conowingo Dam not major threat to Bay

November 13, 2014, Phil Davis, DelmarvaNow

Dredging Conowingo little help to bay, study finds

November 12, 2014, Timothy B. Wheeler, The Baltimore Sun

Current plans to restore Chesapeake won't work without Conowingo cleanup, report says

October 30, 2014, Dan Menefee, MarylandReporter.com

Study Points to Dam as Main Source of Bay Pollution

October 28, 2014, WBOC.com

Conowingo Dam: "Missing Link" in Clean up the Bay

October 28, 2014, Don Rush, Delmarva Public Radio

Conflicting reports over phosphorus economic study

October 16, 2014, Phil Davis, Delmarva Now

PA General Assembly weakens protection for high quality streams

October 15, 2015, Karl Blankenship, Bay Journal

The Conowingo: The Chesapeake Bay Foundation Weighs in

October 6, 2014, Dave Wheelan, The Chestertown Spy

Coalition files Motion in Conowingo Fight

October 6, 2014, The Kent County News

Study: Chesapeake Cleanup Would Bring $22B Boon

October 6, 2014, Hope Yen, Associated Press

Bay cleanup tied to economic benefits

October 6, 2014, Nicole Gaudiano, Gannett Washington Bureau

Panel discusses blue crab's decline

September 23, 2014, Henley Moore, The Star Democrat

Candidates debate legal action in response to stormwater fee

September 17, 2014, Bethany Rodgers, The Frederick News-Post

CBF-PA: In major clean water set-back, House Committee reports out anti-buffer bill

September 15, 2014, PA Environment Digest in Gas Industry

Hershey raises questions at U.S. Senate water hearing

September 13, 2014, The Star Democrat

State at odds with County over newest preservation map

September 10, 2014, Cheryl Mattix, Cecil Whig

New Bay cleanup pact stirs debate

September 9, 2014, Tim Wheeler, The Baltimore Sun

Current Bay cleanup efforts are throwing good money after bad [Letter]

September 9, 2014, Doug Burdette, The Baltimore Sun

Let the River Run Wild

September 7, 2014, John Waldman, Karin E. Limburg and Amy Roe, The New York Times

Report: Resurgence of grasses in Susky Flats may hold key for Bay

September 7, 2014, Cheryl Mattix, Cecil Whig

Official calls feds into fish fight

September 7, 2014, John Finnerty, The Daily Item

Sediment increase growing concern at Conowingo Dam

August 29, 2014, Trang Do, ABC 2 WMAR News

QA's joins Clean Chesapeake Coalition

August 29, 2014, Alex Wolf, Star Democrat

Restoring the bay also means recognizing what we can't control

August 27, 2014, Tom Horton, Bay Journal News Service

Time is Now to Get Facts Right & Act on Conowingo Dam

August 26, 2014, Robin Broder, Waterkeepers Chesapeake

Chesapeake Bay Foundation - PA Launches Clean Water for The Keystone State Campaign

August 26, 2014, David E. Hess, PA Environment Digest

One-year license extension anticipated for Conowingo Dam

August, 25, 2014, Jane Bellmyer, Cecil Whig

FERC tells Conowingo to improve fish passage at dam

August 25, 2014, Karl Blankenship, Bay Journal

Baltimore's overflowing sewers in action

August 22, 2014, Tim Wheeler, The Baltimore Sun

State should clean up its act [Letter]

August 22, 2014, Susan Shaw, The Baltimore Sun

August downpour results in sewage overflow of 12 million gallons

August 22, 2014, Timothy B. Wheeler, The Baltimore Sun

Pollution Reduction

August 19, 2014, Editorial, The Kent County News

3.2 million gallons of sewage flowed into harbor during record rain

August 15, 2014, Mark Reutter, Baltimore Brew

In one month, the Chesapeake Bay's 'Most Critical' pollution could be unsolvable

August 8, 2014, Emily Atkin, thinkprogress.org

Clean Chesapeake Coalition Challenges Conowingo Relicensing

August 8, 2014, Tyler Butler, WBOC.com

Agencies respond to environmental group's phosphorus claims

July 17, 2014, Josh Bollinger, Dorchester Star

Study: Bay phosphorus pollution progress may be overstated

July 14, 2014, E.B. Ferguson III, Capital Gazette

Ten Worst States for Water Pollution

July 11, 2014, Sara Jerome, Wateronline.com

Intersex fish found in three Pennsylvania river basins

June 30, 2014, Chesapeake Bay News

Chemically impacted smallmouth bass found in more Pennsylvania waters, U.S. Geological Survey reports

June 30, 2014, Marcus Schneck, Penn Live

EPA finds progress, shortfalls in Bay cleanup effort

June 27, 2014, Tim Wheeler, The Baltimore Sun

Toomey, Thompson join against EPA 'overreach' in watershed

June 24, 2014, Marcie Schellhammer, The Bradford Era

Trying to agree on Chesapeake Bay cleanup

June 23, 2014, Frederick News-Post Editorial

Pa. and the Bay

June 20, 2014, The Tribune- Review

Ignoring growth won't make it go away, nor restore the Chesapeake

June 18, 2014, Tom Horton, Bay Journal

New Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement signed

June 18, 2014, E.B. Ferguson III, Capital Gazette

Waterkeepers say new Chesapeake Bay Agreement not strong enough

June 17, 2014, Press Release - Waterkeepers Chesapeake, TheBayNet.com

New Bay restoration pact signed

June 16, 2014, Timothy B. Wheeler, The Baltimore Sun

Pa. falling behind on goals to reduce Susquehanna river pollution into Chesapeake Bay

June 11, 2014, Donald Gilliland, PennLive

Bay cleanup progressing but not on track, group says

June 11, 2014, Jeremy Cox, Delmarva Now

Conowingo Dam traps less sediment, a challenge to Bay restoration

June 10, 2014, Qian Zhang, Sea Grant Maryland

Pa. hindering Chesapeake Bay cleanup

June 10, 2014, Don Hopey, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Conowingo Dam's effects on Bay water quality to be discussed

June 4, 2014, The Star Democrat

Overall Bay health steady in 2013

May 29, 2014, Josh Bollinger, The Star Democrat

2013 Chesapeake Bay Report Card is Out, But News is Not Good

May 28, 2014, Tyler Butler, WBOC 16 (Salisbury, Md.) TV

The Cost of Cleaning Up the Chesapeake Bay

May 22, 2014, Kate Zook, USDA Blog

Poplar Island project and expansion authorized

May 20, 2014, The Star Democrat

Work together on Bay cleanup

May 16, 2014, Alan Girard (Eastern Shore director for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation), The Star Democrat

Conowingo Dam is elephant in room in Bay cleanup efforts

May 15, 2014, Sen. Stephen S. Hershey Jr., The Star Democrat

Clean coalition comments on Conowingo at Cardin conference

May 14, 2014, Community Voice, The Kent County News

The Dam is not so threatening after all, geologists say

May 9, 2014, Joel McCord, WYPR News

Dam silt needs to be addressed [Editorial]

May 8, 2014, Editorial, The Baltimore Sun

MD Senator ties Conowingo Dam to Bay restoration

May 6, 2014, Don Rush, Delmarva Public Radio

Upriver pollution, not dam, bay's major threat

May 5, 2014, Timothy B. Wheeler, The Baltimore Sun

Panels downplay dam's impact on Bay health, cite high cost of dredging

May 5, 2014, Cheryl Mattix, Cecil Whig

Cardin holds Conowingo hearing

May 5, 2014, Rona Kobell, Bay Journal

Pepco agrees to be sold to Chicago's Exelon

April 30, 2014, Thomas Heath and Steven Mufson, The Washington Post

Challenge to Chesapeake Bay cleanup stirs national interest in election-year test of EPA power

April 29, 2014, Hope Yen, Associated Press, Star Tribune

The local fight to save the Chesapeake becomes a National fight over the Clean Water Act

April 23, 2014, John Light, Moyer & Company

More grasses in Bay, study shows

April 22, 2014, Josh Bollinger, The Star Democrat

Click here for the report

Chesapeake Bay Program submits report to Congress

April 9, 2014, Chesapeake Bay News

Click here for the report

Stormwater fee flap smoothed over

April 3, 2014, Tim Wheeler, The Baltimore Sun

There's a Battle Raging Over the Chesapeake Bay

April 3, 2014, Tyler Butler, WBOC.com

Many say draft pact for Chesapeake comes up short

April 2, 2014, Karl Blankenship, Bay Journal

CBN: Groups, individuals leave thousands of comments on Watershed Agreement

March 26, 2014, Chesapeake Bay News

Click here to view comments received by the Chesapeake Bay Program

CBN: Bay Program partners continue to slow pollution flow into rivers and streams

March 24, 2014, Chesapeake Bay News

Frederick accepts grant to combat pet waste

March 22, 2014, Kelsi Loos, The Frederick News-Post

Clean Chesapeake Coalition calls out EPA

March 19, 2014, Jane Bellmyer, Cecil Whig

Conowingo license needs EPA input, says Fithian

March 17, 2014, Craig O'Donnell, The Kent County News

CBF director wants open dialogue

March 14, 2014, Josh Bollinger, The Star Democrat

SUNDAY EDITORIAL: Move bay debate toward solutions - Count's decision to join coalition can't be  last step

February 28, 2014, DelmarvaNow.com

States fear 'power grab' by EPA in Chesapeake Bay cleanup effort

February 28, 2014, FoxNews.com

Md. Senate OKs Conowingo dredging resolution

February 27, 2014, Josh Bollinger, The Star Democrat

Report: Bay cleanup shows promise; more work and monitoring ahead

February 27, 2014, E.B. Furgurson III, Capital Gazette

States move to limit EPA's clean water authority

February 27, 2014, Ned Resnikoff, MSNBC

GOP lawmakers urge stormwater fee repeal

February 27, 2014, Bethany Rodgers, The Frederick News-Post

Resolution wanting feds to dredge behind Conowingo Dam gaining support

February 25, 2014, Alex Jackson, Carroll County Times

County officials call for state coordination on bay restoration

February 24, 2014, Daniel Divilio, Kent County News

States join farm bureau appeal of 'pollution diet'

February 20, 2014, Josh Bollinger, The Star Democrat

Wicomico Joins Coalition to Fight Bay Pollution Diet

February 18, 2014, Jeremy Cox, Delmarva Now

Sustainable farmer finds Chesapeake regulations to be unsustainable

February 18, 2014, Tom Horton, Lebanon Daily News

Michael Twining's opinion: Take another look at pollution sources

February 14, 2014, Michael Twining, Delmarva Now

Public Comment Requested on Final Draft of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement

The Chesapeake Bay Program office has released the final draft of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement and is seeking public comment. The public comment period will run through March 17, 2014 - To read the draft agreement and submit comments, click here: Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement

21 states, 8 counties join Farm Bureau challenge to Bay TMDL

February 5, 2014, Karl Blankenship, Bay Journal

Guest Column: In my eyes rain tax is a $6 billion blunder

February 5, 2014, Bryan Simonaire, Maryland Gazette

Florida opposes Chesapeake Bay restoration plan

February 4, 2014, Jennifer Portman, Tallahassee.com

Lancaster County Joins fight against EPA in setting pollution limits for farmers

February 4, 2014, Ad Crable, Lancaster Online

Chesapeake Bay advocates urge stricter controls on Conowingo Dam

February 2, 2014, Dick Myers, thebaynet.com

CBF questions Dorchester demand for coordination

January 30, 2014, Gail Dean, Dorchester Star

Maryland's grand plan to control Cecil County land rights

January 29, 2014, Daniel Schneckenburger, Delaware Online

Draft Watershed Agreement available for public feedback

January 29, 2014, Chesapeake Bay News

AFBF asks Court to restore state authority in Chesapeake Bay lawsuit

January 28, 2014, The Voice of Agriculture - American Farm Bureau Federation

Dorchester seeks protection for farmers, homeowners

January 15, 2014, Gail Dean, Dorchester Star

Delegate Cane seeks upgrades to Baltimore wastewater treatment plant

January 13, 2014, Jennifer Shutt, Delmarva Now

Wicomico County postpones decision on joining Clean Chesapeake Coalition

January 8, 2014, Jeremy Cox, Delmarva Now